How Seniors Can Make And Achieve New Goals

In-Home Care in Burbank, CA: Self Improvement Month
In-Home Care in Burbank, CA: Self Improvement Month

September is National Self Improvement Month which makes it the perfect time for seniors that are struggling to figure out what comes next for them to set some new goals. It’s very common for seniors to feel a little lost after they retire and start the next phase of their lives. Especially for seniors who have been devoted to their families or to their work it can be overwhelming to suddenly have time to spend on themselves. But with some self-reflection and a little soul-searching seniors can start to figure out what they want their lives to be like in this next chapter. 

Setting new goals and wrestling with big life decisions isn’t easy. However, with tools like these seniors can lay the groundwork of a new healthy routine. That new health routine will help them figure out what’s next. Seniors who want to focus on self-improvement and goal setting should:

Establish a Morning Routine

Seniors who are newly retired or who are used to getting up and going to work every morning may not know what to do with their mornings now. A morning routine will give seniors the structure they need to feel secure again. And getting up at the same time each day again will help establish a feeling of normalcy. Morning routines are always different but should include getting up at the same time each day, writing, getting dressed, and getting ready to start the day. 

Start Journaling

Journaling can be a very effective tool to help seniors figure out what they want next. A life coach can help seniors with prompts to help them assess their values, their skills, and what their goals are for the next chapter. Seniors who have the benefit of in-home care can devote the time they don’t have to spend cleaning or cooking to important steps like journaling. 

Exercise Every Day

Daily exercise is essential for seniors. It’s important for good physical health but also for good mental health. The discipline of exercising is healthy, and so is getting outside every day. Even if seniors just go for a walk around the block it’s the act of exercising every day that provides the real benefits. In-home care for seniors can help seniors stay motivated to go exercise each day. A care provider can even go with your senior parent to make sure they are safe while they are exercising. 

Commit To One Healthy Meal Each Day

Seniors also need to eat healthy meals and make sure they are getting enough calories. It can be overwhelming for seniors to make a lot of lifestyle changes all at once. By committing to just one healthy meal each day seniors are making sure they won’t get overwhelmed and quit trying. They can still eat whatever they like for the other two meals of the day but just one healthy meal a day will be a good start. You might want to drop by and share a healthy meal with your senior loved one when you can because a healthy meal would be good for you too.

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