Are you maximizing your Long Term Care Benefits in home care??

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

We have served many clients that have LCTI policies, which led us to discover that most of them don’t know the benefits that they are entitled to, not to mention how to claim for those benefits. People might actually be paying for services that their LTCI insurance would cover & reimburse without they knowing.

We work with many Long Term Care Insurance companies and have gained valuable experience across the years. If you are not sure what your LTCI policy covers, we can help navigate through your policy so that you can utilize it to your complete advantage. Checking your policy now can:

  • Reduce the anxiety of what is and what is not covered, for now and for the future,
  • Keep you updated and informed on Policy changes or Amendments such as Riders, and
  • Verify prerequisites including elimination periods, maximum daily benefit, lifetime benefits, if there are any out-of-pocket costs, and whether your benefits will be voided or lost if not used.

When you need in home care services, we will meet with you to create a personalized Plan of Care that allows you to remain in your home, while utilizing your LTCI Benefits to the full maximum allotment. We will also take care of the entire billing process, so you do not have to worry or stress over this process.

In addition, Nu Care help Veterans to obtain their home care benefits, and our sister companies can provide medical home care services and medical transportation services.