Elder Care Hobbies to Stay Physically Sharp

Senior Hobbies: Elder Care Beverly Hills CA
Senior Hobbies: Elder Care Beverly Hills CA

All people, no matter what age they are, need to find hobbies to help them stay physically fit and sharp. This includes your senior loved ones. With the help of elder care around the house, these professionals may be able to provide safe non-emergency transportation for your loved one. The small tasks from elder care mean that your senior mom or dad never has to give up the hobbies they love to do, or they may be able to find new hobbies they can do weekly. Here are a few hobbies your mom or dad may love to start this summer to stay physically sharp.

Bird Watching

If your elderly mom or dad loves animals, bird-watching can be a great hobby for them to start. They can walk in the neighborhood or go to a natural trail to start bird-watching. They can write down what they see in a journal or buy a book on local birds to spot in their area. If they need help seeing these small animals help them use binoculars to watch more. If your loved one can’t move often, they can sit on their porch to watch birds! This doesn’t have to be something that is physically painful; it can allow a senior to move around while still being easy on the joints.


Not all seniors can be very mobile. That’s okay; there are still activities that will help them move around in a small area. This can include drawing and painting. If your senior doesn’t know how to paint or doesn’t feel very creative, that’s okay. They can try a YouTube tutorial or even a paint by numbers to get started. Practice makes perfect, and the more they do it, the better it will be. This is not only one way to get up and move around the house, but it is a way to allow your loved one to express themselves without words. You will be able to understand how they’re feeling by what they’re painting.


If your senior loves to go around town and look at houses or unique buildings, buy them a camera and teach them to use it! This will allow them to express themselves through images and is a great way to get them out of the house and walking throughout the neighborhood. Photography can also be used in partnership with other hobbies like bird-watching or candle-making! They can take pictures of everything they create or all the birds they can find.


One of the best ways to move around as a senior without putting their bodies through a lot of stress is by attending a yoga class. There may be local yoga classes that elder care can drive your seniors to. Doing this a few times a week will help your loved one stay physically fit and may allow them to age in place for much longer.

Candle Making

If your loved one is looking for a hobby to keep busy throughout the day, they can start making candles! There are tons of easy-to-follow candle-making kits that will get a senior moving and keep them busy.

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