6 Home Care Facts About Strokes

Senior Stroke: Home Care Sherman Oaks CA
Senior Stroke: Home Care Sherman Oaks CA

American Stroke Month takes place each May to raise awareness of a health condition that’s the second leading cause of death around the world. Even with many awareness events, there’s a lot that people do not realize about strokes. Having a home care provider can help with warning signs as well as recovery.

Every 40 Seconds Someone in the U.S. Has a Stroke

In the U.S., someone has a stroke approximately every 40 seconds. Of those strokes, about 25% are not a person’s first stroke. The faster you get medical attention, the better the chances of reduced disability.

Over Half of Stroke Survivors Lose Some Level of Mobility

Over 50% of stroke survivors are left with lasting mobility issues. Some require a cane or walker for life. Others may always need a wheelchair.

87% of Strokes Are Ischemic Strokes

There are two main types of strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel within the brain bursts. Ischemic strokes are far more common, accounting for almost nine out of ten strokes. They occur when a plaque blockage or a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain.

Some Risk Factors Are Manageable

High blood pressure, diabetes, and weight are manageable risk factors. Smokers have a higher risk. All of these can be managed, though some are hard and may require supportive care from a doctor or counselor.

Other risk factors are impossible to control. They include your age, race, and gender The older you are, the higher the risk of having a stroke. Women have a higher risk than men. Family history and rare genetic conditions like CADASIL increase your risk.

Memorize F.A.S.T.

The CDC reports that only 38% of Americans know the signs of a stroke. Make sure you know them.

Learn F.A.S.T. It’s the acronym that helps you identify and get help immediately. It stands for Face, Arm, Speech, Take Action. If your dad’s face droops, arm won’t stay raised, and speech is slurred, take action and call paramedics.

Every Stroke is Different

No two strokes are identical, so you cannot know for sure what your dad will need. The damage that’s done to his brain will dictate the impact on his speech, fine motor skills, and mobility. He may fully regain those abilities, but he may always walk with a limp and need a cane or walker.

He might never fully regain his speech. When out shopping, he might want to have someone there to help him. He won’t be allowed to drive, so transportation services are essential.

After your dad’s stroke, make sure he has the support he needs. Home care services ensure he’s supported at all hours with personal and companion care services. Talk to a home care specialist to learn more.

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