5 Senior Care Tips to Nap the Right Way

Sleep: Senior Care Hollywood CA
Sleep: Senior Care Hollywood CA

Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a nap. Adults can find themselves also benefitting from a short daily nap as they balance the many responsibilities they have. Your elderly loved one might also benefit from a nap each day but while napping seems simple enough, there are rules that you should both follow to make sure your naps are beneficial and not harmful. Having a senior care provider can help keep their sleep balanced.

Let’s look at five ways to help your aging loved one reap the benefits of a good nap, but remember, you can apply these to yourself as well if you find you’re needing a little napping time as well.

Nap in the Right Place

While it might seem relaxing for your loved one to fall asleep in the recliner as she watches the news each afternoon, this is not the best place for a nap. A nap should be intentional and out of the area where awake activity takes place so that the body doesn’t become confused by its environment. Your loved one’s senior care provider can help her set up her room to be a good daytime napping place since the bedroom should already be associated with sleep. Add in some black-out curtains or a white noise machine to help her with her nap.

Nap For the Right Amount of Time

It may seem like 20-30 minutes of nap time cannot be enough, but this length has proven to be the best naptime length for most adults. It gives the body just enough time for the body to relax and the heart rate to slow, but not enough to go into a deep slumber, which would make waking up more difficult. It’s also short enough that it shouldn’t interfere with going to bed at her regular time and being able to fall asleep.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Napping a few hours before bedtime, no matter how sleepy your loved one is, is likely to make it more difficult for her to fall asleep. Generally, a nap should take place 8 to 9 hours before a person turns in for the night. Your loved one might feel a natural rhythm to take a nap after lunch and this time can work well for many.

Move Around Afterwards

A great way to wake the body back up and let it know that you’re good to go for the rest of the day is to plan a walk or some gentle stretching after a nap. Having someone like a senior care provider visit right after naptime to go for a walk, gives your loved one the incentive she needs to exercise after a nap.

Don’t Nap Too Long

As mentioned earlier, 20-30 minutes is the perfect nap length. Set an alarm or have someone ready to wake your loved one after she naps. If using an alarm, put it far enough away that she has to get out of bed to turn it off, making it more difficult to turn it off and go to sleep.

Whether it’s you or your loved one that needs a nap, following these criteria will ensure your nap brings renewed energy and doesn’t knock either of you out for the rest of the day.

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