Busting Myths About Senior Skin with Personal Care at Home

Senior Skin: Personal Care at Home Altadena CA
Senior Skin: Personal Care at Home Altadena CA

Your senior may notice that as they age, their skin has become drastically different than when they were younger. This is normal, and they need to know how to care for their skin as they age. Not all seniors can do this on their own and having a personal care at home provider can truly help a senior care for their skin much easier. These professionals may help a senior bathe, moisturize, or simply remind them to wash their faces. When learning to care for a senior’s skin, you may run into these myths. Here is everything you need to know about aging skin myths.

You Can Turn Back The Clock

Seniors women may be looking for something to reduce the age of their skin or make them look ten years younger. Many products out there claim to do just that, but it doesn’t make them true. You can’t use a product and take ten years off of your face, and it’s not worth your money. The best thing you can do is start taking care of your skin because it’s your body’s largest organ. Personal care at home can help a senior care for their skin, but there is no way to turn back the clock.

Stress Leads to Wrinkles

Many seniors think they see wrinkles because of stress, but that’s not true. Believe it or not, sun damage and genetics have a lot to do with the amount of wrinkles they see, and there isn’t much they can do about it. However, just because you start seeing wrinkles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin. Personal care at home should help a senior layer up on SPF whenever a senior goes outside. This will protect their skin from the sun and nourish their skin.

Anti-Aging Creams Work

Your senior mom might be looking for a miracle cream, but the truth is most of them are expensive and will only have temporary results. This is the sad truth but something that your senior will need to accept. The best thing they can do is wash their skin and nourish it. If they have any concerns about their skin, they should see a professional dermatologist for more help.

Moisturizer Prevent Aging

Once you’re a senior, you will notice aging skin, and products won’t compete with time. Moisturizers can help your skin from feeling cracked, flakey, or hurt from the sun. They do many good things for a senior, and it should be an important part of their daily routine, but it can’t prevent aging. This is a normal part of being a senior, and it is something all of us have to accept at some time.

Acne Goes Away With Age

The truth is acne can be caused as an adult and even a senior, and sometimes it has to do with genetics, and other times it has to do with diet. If your seniors diet is bad, you may notice they have adult acne; if it doesn’t go away, they may want to see a dermatologist for more help.

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