Social Activities That Could Be Great for Your Elderly Loved One

Children socialize with other kids in their neighborhood and while they are at school. What about elderly people? Most adults think that elderly people don’t want or need to socialize or play. That isn’t true. In fact, research shows that most elderly people love doing social activities. They just aren’t sure where to start or what exactly to do. Here are some fantastic social activity ideas that you can share with your elderly loved one.

Going to a Senior Center

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Home Care Pasadena, CA: Social Seniors and Activities

There are many cities and towns that have senior centers. In these centers, they host Bingo games, offer swimming, do exercise classes, offer educational classes, and much more. If you think your elderly loved one might be interested in this, you or a home care provider can get them signed up. Depending on where your elderly loved one lives, they may have to enroll in the classes. However, some senior centers do allow people to just walk in and attend. You might need to help your elderly loved one call their local senior center to see what needs to be done.

Joining a Club

Has your elderly loved one ever been interested in joining a club? If they like socializing with other people their age or even adults that are a bit yougner, joining a club could be a great idea. You or a home care provider can help your loved one to search for clubs in their area. Some of the clubs they might come across are birdwatching, dance, book, card game, board game, or photography clubs. Once your elderly loved one decides on a club, you can help them get signed up.

Hosting a Game Night

Would your elderly loved one rather socialize in their own home? If so, do you think they would be interested in hosting a game night? There are many senior citizens that host game nights. They invite their friends, family members, and neighbors over for a game, food, and laughter. There are different themes that you can help your elderly loved one to put on, as well.


These are just some of the social activities that your elderly loved one might enjoy doing. You should talk to your loved one to see what their favorites might be. Your elderly loved one doesn’t just have to stick to doing one of these things. They can decide on multiple ideas. Once they choose what they would like to do, you and home care providers can drive them to the senior center, club, or help them host a game night.

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