Six Ways to Pay It Forward on Day of Goodwill

The day after Christmas is celebrated as Day of Goodwill in South Africa and Boxing Day and Offering Day in many other countries. It’s a day to do things for others. Initially, it was a day spent giving money and gifts to people in need. How can you pay it forward on Day of Goodwill?

Cook Meals for Others

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Elder Care Alhambra, CA: Day of Goodwill

You know a neighbor is having a hard time after an illness. Make a few meals and bring them over. It could be a pot of chicken noodle soup or lasagna, salad, and homemade bread.

Pay for Someone’s Coffee

While you’re at a local coffee shop getting your drink, pay extra to cover the cost of a cup of coffee for the next person. Usually, once you start this, people will continue to pay it forward and brighten many people’s morning.

Give a Family Caregiver a Break

Does someone else in your family help your parents each day or week? When was the last time they got a break? Make sure they have a day off.

Suppose your sister spends the entire day on Saturday shopping with your mom. Once they’re back, she prepares ingredients so that your parents can make slow cooker meals all week. She helps clean up the kitchen before she leaves.

Would it help her to have at least one break each month? Instead of feeling obligated to help your parents, she could sleep in, do things she enjoys, and relax at home. It can make a huge difference if she has that day with nothing pressing that has to get done.

Donate to a Local Charity

You received plenty of gifts for Christmas. Take items they replace and donate them to a local charity. You received a new jacket, but your current coat is still in good shape.

Why not wash the older jacket? Bag it with other clothes you never wear and bring them to a local shelter or church that collects clothing for people in need.

You received gift cards to a store that you don’t frequent. Consider donating them to a women’s shelter. You can also make cash donations with some of the money you received during the holidays.

Volunteer Together

Bring your parents with you and volunteer in some way. You might find a local church ice skating rink needs volunteers to supervise the rink one day a week. Bundle up, make a thermos of hot cocoa, and bring some camp chairs.

Arrange Elder Care Services for Them

Make sure you include your mom and dad in Day of Goodwill. Make sure your parents have the help they need throughout the year. If they struggle to complete daily activities independently, it’s time for elder care services.

Take a look at your parents’ health needs, daily routines, and ability to get around. If they can’t do certain things on their own, arrange to have caregivers helping out. Talk to an elder care agency to make that happen.

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