Signs Seniors May Be Gluten Sensitive

Home Care La Crescenta, CA: Gluten Free
Home Care La Crescenta, CA: Gluten Free

According to research about 6% of the population could be sensitive to gluten. Many people, including seniors, may not even realize that they have a gluten sensitivity. People with gluten intolerance don’t have celiac disease but they are sensitive to gluten and can have a bad reaction to foods that have gluten in them. 

Seniors who have had digestive upset and inflammation all their lives could be gluten sensitive and have no idea. Eating a gluten free diet can make many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity disappear or at least become less severe. Home care for seniors can help seniors shop for and cook gluten free foods to help them manage their sensitivity. 

 November is Gluten Free Diet Awareness month so if your senior loved one has any of these symptoms they should learn more about eating a gluten free diet:

Skin Irritations Or Rashes

If your senior loved one eats a lot of processed foods that have wheat or gluten in them and they have unexplained skin rashes, red patches, or other skin irritations gluten sensitivity could be the cause. Millions of people are gluten sensitive and can have symptoms associated with that sensitivity even though they don’t have celiac disease. 


Fatigue is a general symptom that can be caused by many things. Even aging can cause fatigue. But if your senior parent has battled fatigue for most of their lives and they have a diet that includes lots of processed foods like breads and pasta a celiac sensitivity could be to blame. If they tend to get fatigued or tired after meals that’s a good indication that the problem could be gluten. If your senior loved one is sensitive to gluten and they have home care a home care provider can help them learn more about a gluten free diet. 

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues are a sure sign of gluten sensitivity. Your senior loved one may have been battling chronic digestive issues throughout their life and never have guessed it could be a gluten sensitivity. In the past not that much was known about issues like gluten sensitivity so they may have been dealing with chronic pain, diarrhea, constipation after meals for years without realizing that just changing their diet could get rid of those problems. 


Bloating and gas can also be symptoms of gluten sensitivity. If your senior parent tends to have painful bloating or gas after meals that are made up of gluten heavy foods their gas and bloating could be caused by the body reacting to the gluten. The response of the body to gluten is much like the response of the body to an allergen. Inflammation, pain, gas, bloating, and other symptoms are all just the body’s normal reaction to an allergen. And while there are some medications that can help manage the symptoms of gluten intolerance the best thing seniors can do if they are sensitive is just avoid it entirely. There are plenty of gluten free breads and other foods so that seniors can eat a balanced diet without gluten. 

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