4 Senior Home Care Tips To Help Seniors Lose Belly Fat

Senior Home Care

According to studies more than 15 million older adults are classified as obese. Seniors that are obese have a higher risk of developing very serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.  Being obese can also cause high cholesterol and other health problems for seniors. 

Seniors who have significant amounts of belly fat may have even higher risks of developing health problems. Belly fat is considered to be more dangerous than other types of fat because it can coat your essential organs and even block your large intestine. Seniors who need to have surgery face a much higher risk of complications if they have a lot of visceral fat. 

As seniors get older and stop moving they tend to gain more belly fat. Even seniors who are technically not overweight or obese can have an unhealthy amount of belly fat. Exercise can help seniors lose fat. But seniors who have mobility challenges may struggle to exercise. 

Seniors that want to lose belly fat and improve their health can try these things:

Drink More Water

Drinking water alone won’t cause weight loss. But drinking water can make seniors feel more full so that they don’t eat as much. Seniors that overeat should try drinking a glass of water before they eat. They will feel full, eat less, and improve their overall hydration. Seniors with senior home care should have a senior home care provider fill a water bottle for them in the morning. Then they can sip water throughout the day. 

Move As Much As Possible

It’s ok if seniors can’t do a lot of strenuous exercise. Moving as much as possible will still help seniors lose weight. Some studies show that seniors only need to walk about 8,000 steps per day to significantly improve their health. Walking will also help get rid of belly fat because it works the ab muscles and the muscles of the trunk. Seniors who have been pretty sedentary for a long time can start by just walking around the block. All movement is good movement and even small amounts can make a difference. 

Eat Fewer Carbs

Fad diets like keto are not good for seniors. But there is some evidence that eating meals that are mostly vegetables and lean protein can help seniors lose weight. Seniors with senior home care should work with their home care provider to cook meals that incorporate a lot of vegetables and lean protein like chicken, turkey, or fish. 

Try Strength Training 

Strength training is highly recommended for seniors. It will burn calories and strengthen muscles. Keeping muscles strong burns calories, which can lead to weight loss. Seniors should add a strength training session to their daily exercise a couple of days per week. Within a few weeks seniors should notice weight loss, including the loss of belly fat.

Even though losing belly fat is important, seniors shouldn’t restrict their calories without talking to their doctor. Many seniors are technically malnourished and not eating enough. So check with a doctor to see what recommendations they have to lose belly fat.

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