4 Outings Spunky Senior Women Will Love

February is Spunky Old Broads Month and it’s the best time for senior women who love to socialize to get together with friends and do things they have always wanted to do. Senior women who don’t have friends to go out with because they have lost friends over the years, or because they have lost a partner or spouse and now lonely can benefit from companion care at home. With companion care at home senior women will have a friend that they rely on to go out on fun adventures with.

Be A Tourist

A great thing for senior women to do is to explore the city where they live as if they had never been there before. Be a tourist and visit local historical points of interest, the most beautiful nature spots, and all of the fun and funky restaurants and shops that cater to tourists. Enjoy some fantastic food, beautiful sights, and the hustle and bustle of the city. A walking tour through the historic district might be fun. Or a horse-drawn carriage tour of the oldest part of the city. Get some brochures and plan a fun day as a tourist.

Go To An Art Opening

Art show openings are always a lot of fun and they usually have good food and wine. With a companion or with a friend seniors can go look at some interesting art, or attend a local open mic night at a café. Seniors may even discover a passion for a type of art that they didn’t know they had. Or they may decide now is the perfect time to take a painting class, or a pottery class. Sculpture can be a great hobby for seniors too.

Visit A Museum

Senior women can also enjoy a visit to some local museums. Art museums, science and technology museums, natural history museums, and cultural museums are an interesting way to spend a day, especially in the heart of winter when it’s cold out and spending time indoors is preferred. Learn about the local history and see some interesting exhibits while at the same time getting to be immersed in something outside the ordinary. Aquarium visits can also be a lot of fun. Time will fly by when seniors are exploring the underwater depths and the fascinating creatures that live there. Just watch out for mermaids!

Take A Class

Senior women who put off doing a lot of activities and hobbies over the years because the needs of their families and jobs came first can now take the time to take classes. Whether it’s a hobby class in art, fitness, knitting, sewing, or another type of craft or a college class in something that has always interested them seniors can learn a lot and get the benefits of socializing with others by taking a class locally. Check out local senior centers, the library, and the local colleges to find classes that might be interesting.

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