Why Is My Senior Parent Shuffling When Walking?

Is Your Senior Parent Shuffling?

You may notice that your senior parent walks with their feet shuffled or dragging. If you are taking care of your parents, it’s important not to ignore this problem. In fact, it may be time to take your seniors to the doctor to report what is going on with them. This is something they may not notice they’re doing; it can be hard to stop and increase falls. When your parents are shuffling, you have to be there to notice it happening. 

When your parents live on your own, and you don’t see them every day, it can be hard to determine if they’re walking okay. This is when hiring elder care to look after your parents can benefit your family. Elder care professionals are the best way to ensure that your parents who are aging in place are being cared for. These professionals will help keep an eye on someone’s walk and how they’re moving. 

You may be wondering why seniors are shuffling so much more than they used to. The truth is they’re probably not doing it on purpose. Here are a few reasons why your senior parents might be shuffling around. 

Seniors May Have Weaker Hips

Elder Care Beverly Hills, CA: Shuffling When Walking

Elder Care Beverly Hills, CA: Shuffling When Walking

Not all seniors will suffer from weak hips, but it can be a major reason they are shuffling around so much if they do. They may also have joints that are in pain, causing them to shuffle or drag feet when they walk around. Sometimes this pain requires them to go to the doctor. Medication may make it easier to walk and help your senior to stop dragging or shuffling. 

Seniors Lose Flexibility

Some seniors may not be able to pick up their feet or bend their knees like they used to. The loss of flexibility may mean they cannot pick their feet up like they used to, causing them to drag them more than usual. Losing flexibility can be one of the main reasons for your senior parent to begin shuffling or dragging their feet when they walk.

Medication Side Effects

Some medications may cause dizziness or other side effects that cause a senior to walk slower. Sometimes medication will cause falls which may make them more cautious when walking. 

They May Be Wearing The Wrong Shoes

If a senior is wearing shoes that are too big or loose they will shuffle or fall easier. It is crucial to help a senior pick out the proper shoes to wear to help them move around. The right pair of shoes will help prevent any dangers. 

What To Do When You Notice a Senior Shuffling

Sometimes a shuffle can be a slippery flooring that needs a quick fix like floor mats or it can be something serious like Parkinson’s that needs a doctor’s attention. Therefore, if your older adult has begun shuffling their feet while walking, it is critical to arrange an appointment with their doctor to determine the cause.

The first thing you need to do is determine if it is an easy fix and then change anything you can to see if it helps. It may mean changing shoes, adding in non-slip flooring pieces, or something else. If that is fixed and a senior is still shuffling around it is important to take note of what has changed and tell them exactly what you’ve done to help.

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