The Benefits Of Early Morning Home Care For Seniors

Seniors that are aging in place often can benefit from home care that will help out with household tasks and other things that seniors need done. But when family members thing about home care for seniors they are thinking about care that takes place during the day. They don’t think about the benefits of 24-hour home care. And 24 hour home care is available that will help seniors sleep at night, or help them get ready for the day. Some of the benefits of early morning care for seniors instead of just daytime care for seniors are:

Help Getting Out Of Bed

24-Hour Home Care Alhambra, CA: Early Morning Care

24-Hour Home Care Alhambra, CA: Early Morning Care

Often when seniors fall at home they fall when they are getting into bed or getting out of bed, especially late at night or early in the morning when they get up. Early morning care for seniors means that someone will be there to help your groggy senior parent get safely out of their bed in the morning. A care provider can make sure that your senior loved one has any medications they need to take, water to drink, and they can help transfer your senior loved one out of bed safely every morning. 

Getting Washed And Dressed

If your senior loved one needs help with personal care tasks like washing their face, brushing their teeth, shaving, or brushing their hair and putting on moisturizer early morning personal care providers can help your senior loved one get clean and refreshed and ready for the day. They can also help a senior parent get dressed, especially when it comes to putting on difficult items of clothing like tight compression stockings or shoes that need to be laced up. 

A Healthy Breakfast

One of the benefits of early morning care for seniors is that your senior loved one is sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Many seniors don’t eat the way they should and don’t get enough nutrition. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have a great appetite but often it’s because they have difficulty cooking and preparing food. But early morning care means that a care provider will help your senior prepare a healthy breakfast that is sure to get your senior loved one’s day off to a great start. And they can clean up the dishes afterward so that your senior parent’s house will be clean and tidy. 

Taking Care Of Pets 

Pets often need to be fed and walked first thing in the morning, which can be difficult for seniors. Seniors who need time to get out of bed, get dressed, and get moving may not always be able to feed pets right away. And a morning walk might be too much for them right after waking up. But pets don’t understand that and may become impatient or anxious. 24 hour care at home means that seniors won’t have to worry about their pets because someone will be there in the morning to walk dogs and feed dogs and cats.

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