Hygiene Hacks For Seniors That Really Work

Personal Care at Home Alhambra, CA: Hygiene Hacks
Personal Care at Home Alhambra, CA: Hygiene Hacks

Hygiene is a big concern for many seniors. It can be a little more challenging for seniors to keep up with hygiene as they get older, and they don’t want to be embarrassed about they look or having odor. Some seniors will avoid social gatherings or avoid having family over because they are very sensitive about their hygiene. But seniors don’t have to avoid socializing just because they are nervous about hygiene. There are plenty of things that seniors can do to keep up good hygiene even if they struggle with some of the activities of daily living. 

Personal care at home is one of the best ways seniors can make sure they are keeping up good hygiene. When seniors have personal care at home they will have help from well-trained care providers who can help seniors shower or bathe safely on a regular basis. When seniors have showered, have clean hair, and are able to brush their teeth and wash their faces each day they will feel more confident going out in public. Other hygiene hacks for seniors include:

Bring Baby Wipes Everywhere

Baby wipes are fantastic for a quick freshening up. Seniors who have incontinence can use baby wipes to make sure they are clean and smell fresh after using the bathroom or changing a brief. And seniors who are worried about sweat odor can freshen up using baby wipes after exercising or other exertions. Baby wipes are also great for wiping faces and feet and other body parts that might stink occasionally. Seniors should always have baby wipes on hand. 

Use High Quality Hygiene Products

Seniors should use high quality soaps, lotions, and other hygiene products because they will be more effective and last longer than cheaper versions. Quality deodorants can last for up to 72 hours so seniors won’t need to reapply them often. And high end lotions will keep skin moisturized and looking great without needing a lot of applications too. It’s better to buy higher quality products even if they cost more. Don’t skimp when it comes to briefs either. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to hygiene products paying more but getting better quality is worth it. 

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a fantastic way for seniors to keep their hair clean and fresh between washings. Many seniors only wash their hair once a week or only get their hair washed when they visit the salon. In between washings using dry shampoo will make hair look clean and healthy. Dry shampoo comes in either powder or spray. When it’s applied to the hair it soaks up oil and dirt so that hair is soft, smells good, and it looks clean. Keep a full size bottle at home and travel size in a purse so that there is always some close by. It’s also a really good idea to put a bottle of dry shampoo in a senior parent’s hospital go bag so if they ever need to go to the hospital they have some.

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