Five Remedies for Back Pain

Home care assistance help seniors with back pain with needed support and care.

Home care assistance help seniors with back pain with needed support and care.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in our country. While some back pain can be caused by other conditions or diseases, more often than naught, most back pain is simply a matter of getting older. Years of bad habits and/or years of hard work can wreak havoc on the spine and the muscles of the pain, causing some people to be in pain daily. As the body loses muscle tone, bone strength, and the cushioning fluid that surrounds the back vertebrae, back pain can continue to increase with age.

If your loved one is plagued by regular back pain, it is recommended that he visit his regular provider. Once any serious health issues are ruled out, your loved one can take steps to reduce or eliminate his daily pain levels with the help of home care assistance.

Here are five non-medical steps they can take with the help of home care assistance that may help their back feel a little better. 


Lose Weight

Excess weight puts extra strain on the back. Losing even 10% of his weight if he is overweight can relieve all body parts, including his back. Start slowly by having your loved one’s home care assistance team revamp his menu to include lower-fat and calorie options. Then, make sure to combine that with increased movement when possible.

It might be doing some light lifting with the help of his home care assistance team or having his home care assistance team plan daily walks for him.


Strengthen the Back by Stretching

As the muscles tighten up, they can cause pain when your loved one tries to move around. While a sore back may want your elderly loved one to stay put and not move at all, gentle stretching can help keep those muscles pliable and less likely to cause pain.

Your loved one can look for yoga programs specially designed for the elderly so that he can participate without creating more pain.


Stay Active

While incorporating daily exercise into your loved one’s routine might help him lose any extra weight, it’s still important if he doesn’t need to lose weight. If your loved one is underweight, daily exercise can help build up muscles and weight.

Daily walks or swimming a few times a week can help increase his strength and stamina. Swimming is a great option because it lacks resistance on the body, making it a pain-free activity that reaps great rewards.

If your loved one needs transportation, talk to his home care assistance team about bringing him to and from a local pool several times a week.


Maintain Correct Posture

It’s a fairly simple change to make that’s also difficult because most people don’t think about their posture all day long. However, bad posture can lead to consistent back pain. If your loved one uses a laptop or computer, make sure his area is set up to protect any back pain from developing by supporting good posture.


Consider Physical Therapy

With the guidance of his doctor, see if physical therapy is a good option for your loved one. His home care assistance team may be able to help him receive the physical therapy he needs at home using targeted stretches and exercise to bring relief.


Your loved one shouldn’t have to live with daily back pain, and these remedies, with the help of home care assistance, might just help make sure he doesn’t.



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