Are There Hints You Can Watch for Involving Your Senior and Driving?

Your elderly family member may be driving even if she would be better off letting someone else get into the driver’s seat more often. When you know what to watch for, it’s a lot easier for you to spot when it’s time to talk to your elderly family member about finding another transportation solution.

Her Vision Is Impaired

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Elder Care Alhambra, CA: Your Senior and Driving

One of the most obvious signs that driving may be difficult, if not impossible, for your senior now is that her vision is failing. If she’s unable to see well, it’s going to be more and more difficult for her to remain safe for herself and for others behind the wheel. It is definitely time to look at alternative transportation options.

Her Reflexes Seem Slower

Pay attention to your senior’s reflexes, too. Reflexes are your senior’s ability to react to situations around her. If her reflexes are slowing down, then driving is going to be a little bit more difficult for her because driving relies on her to be able to respond to the situations around her.

She’s Easily Distracted

Diminished reflexes are bad enough, but if your elderly family member finds herself easily distracted, that can be a problem behind the wheel, too. Things that are little distractions for someone else, like a radio station she wants to change, could be a bigger issue for your senior. Ensuring that she’s able to drive without being overwhelmed by outside stimulus is important.

Walking Is Difficult for Her

Mobility is a huge factor for your senior in so many areas of her life, but also in driving. If your elderly family member isn’t able to walk easily, she may still be able to drive. But the difficulties she has in moving her body can translate to having difficulty maneuvering her feet on the pedals.

Driving Seems to Be Stressful for Her

Pay attention also to your senior’s attitude about driving. If she’s finding driving to be stressful consistently, that may be because it’s becoming more difficult for her to do safely. Constantly feeling tense about driving could cause her to make more mistakes behind the wheel than either of you want her to make.

There really are workable solutions you can put into place for your elderly family member in terms of transportation. Hiring elder care providers, for instance, allows your senior to have someone else do the driving without crimping her activity level at all.

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