Activities to Get a Senior Out of the House

Senior home care services can help with transportations to senior activities.

Senior home care services can help with transportation to senior activities.

As seniors live at home and age, they may stop doing as many things as they once used to. This may be because they cannot move as well as they used to, or they don’t drive anymore, limiting their options. However, a senior should be leaving their home for their own mental and physical health. They may not want to do activities every single day, but having something to look forward to even once a week can help them boost their quality of life and their happiness levels.

If a senior has given up driving this is something that senior home care can help your loved one with. Senior home care can usually provide non-medical and non-emergency transportation to help your loved one get out of the house and create a fun routine that allows your loved one to thrive while aging in place.

Here are some activities that could help your elderly mom or dad get out of the house.


Going to the Library

Your senior loved one may like to read or even attend lectures; the library is a good place to do that. A senior has access to any book they want through the library, and if they are first-time readers, a librarian can help them find something new to read. There are many different categories of books, which is one of the best ways to keep them entertained at home. Depending on how fast someone reads, they may want to go once a month or even once a week!

Reading should be encouraged, and seniors will be able to find something for themselves. Keep in mind that a library may have access to large-print books and even audiobooks if reading ever becomes hard for your elderly mom or dad. Senior home care providers can help seniors with transportation to the library and other activities.

Libraries are a great way to get out of the house, connect with others, find out about events, or even attend lectures that interest them. Your local library should have a monthly calendar with a list of events throughout the month.


Taking a Senior Class at the Gym

Some seniors may not be able to move well, but there may still be gym classes that interest them. With the help of senior home care, they may be able to participate in water aerobics or yoga for seniors. These are easy activities that will help promote socialization and physical activity, even if it’s gentle. Nothing should hurt, and it is important for a senior to find the right class. If they are not comfortable taking a gym class, they may need to consider seeing a physical therapist.


Going to a Community Event

A community center may be nearby, and your loved one should go and check it out. They may have senior nights where they host bingo, dinners for the community, and other get-togethers that may interest a senior. Sometimes, these events may be hosted at a church, too, and they typically allow outside members to join in as well. Senior home care services may be able to find them new opportunities.



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