PHP Harrisburg PA

PHP Harrisburg PA

Many people accept that letting someone else help is a better way to recover and find fast relief. You cannot possibly choose a better time than now, when everyone is losing their mind worrying about the latest surge of Monkeypox, maybe a new Covid strain, possible war, and even recession. Usually, people get into worse economic status when they are strained and then quickly find themselves stuck in a downward spiraling rut because they do not have anyone to hold onto so they can figure out a way to stay afloat.

PHP and IP are rehab programs that allow one to learn lessons that put them in tune with their deepest needs. Working with a combination of therapy tools will help you go past your most difficult experiences to manipulate your thoughts and experiences into valuable skills.

Today, we explore the similarities and differences between PHP and IOP so you know the amount of flexibility, care, and healing you could receive with each one.

Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP are outpatient programs that help patients suffering from mental issues or dual diagnoses following a drug addiction. These treatment programs allow one to maintain a highly optimal mental state that works through the causes of their addiction and offers avenues to assist with long-term recovery.

A PHP program is a viable option when you get out of intensive detox and residential addiction treatment. A PHP treatment has an easy transition solution when you have already stabilized the body and are not at risk of developing severe illness or withdrawal complications.

What To Expect In A Partial Hospitalization Program

  • A full day at the PHP treatment center lasts about 6-8 hours
  • A wide array of services, including counseling and therapy sessions
  • Group activities like hiking and vocational training

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

IOP programs are convenient for people who have received inpatient care and want a more flexible structure to balance their work and life. We found that many IOP treatments dive into deep mental issues that started the addiction, such as childhood conditioning, a trauma in adulthood or while growing up, or simple peer pressure that triggers your addiction to euphoria created by the drug.

Similarities Of PHP Treatment Services And IOP

These treatments prevent relapse, but PHP is more intense than IOP. PHP in Harrisburg PA is more of a full-time treatment plan than IOP, which means you will spend more time in a PHP program at a time, whereas IOP will allow you to go back home and sleep or even keep certain hours for work or school.

We suggest using IOP as a follow-up of PHP because you have now achieved the mental and physical stability you need to get better in the long run. We offer both of these programs to accelerate your healing and offer you tools that will boost your well-being in the outside world.

The trained professionals at Bold Step will assess your situation when you come in for admission and recommend IOP, PHP, or any other program that meshes well with your present status. Contact us today to get started on the day of hospital addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab.

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